Our comfort with unusual scope, with extremely specialized and flexible project teams, with entitlement and construction processes, and with the refined integration of high-performance architecture and engineering means that we are able to uncover value, and to make creative contributions, across a wide range of project types and scales, from large public buildings and urban master plans to private homes and interiors.
As a startup firm with extensive large-project experience, we well appreciate the proper role of expertise, and the critical importance of assembling the right team for any job. We are deeply familiar and very comfortable with cross-firm collaborations, and employ them as often as we see a comparative advantage and a compelling set of complementary skills. We team well, we scale well, and we approach all projects with ambition, alacrity, honesty, and realism.
Example services include:
Concept Design for Buildings & Landscapes
Detailed Building Design & Construction Documentation
Construction Administration
High-Performance/Sustainable Design and Accreditation
Strategic Sustainability & Resilience Planning
Urban/Campus Design & Master Planning
Building Site Analysis and Site Selection
Cost & Feasibility Studies
Space Programming & Test Fits/Layouts
Interior Design & Finish Specification
Furniture Selection & Design
Custom Fa├žade Design
Real Estate Repositioning Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Multi-Family Residential Unit Layout & Design
Single Family Home Design & Renovation
Renovation & Expansion of Existing Buildings
Public Meetings & Charrettes
Design Research & Data Visualization
Art Consultation, Selection, & Commissioning
Design/Peer Review
Accessible/Universal Design
Design-Build and Developer Competitions
Design Team and Project Management
Theatre & Lecture/Assembly Hall Design
Architectural Design Guidelines
Timber Structure Design
Design for Offsite- & Pre-fabrication
Daylighting & Thermal Performance Analysis
Laboratory, Workshop, & Kitchen Design
Preservation & Adaptation of Historic Structures
Public and Historic Preservation Entitlements
Complex Project Phasing & Code/Entitlement Solutions
Real Estate Zoning & Yield Studies
Physical & 3D/VR Modeling
Design Visioning & Renderings/Videos