Our professional focus enfolds three broad and urgent challenges:

Density: projects that optimize the compactness and efficiency of spaces, buildings, and planning, to leverage resources invested (e.g., land, energy, money) toward desired returns (e.g., carbon reduction, user/owner satisfaction, tenant occupancy, profit).
Project types include workplaces, new and repositioned office buildings, multi-family residential developments, hotels, mixed-use developments, and master plans.
Culture: projects that foster community, creativity, study, and service, through spaces and environments where diverse people can meet and learn about each other, the world, and themselves, and can together develop new ideas and honor shared traditions.
Project types include schools, campuses, libraries and museums, public places and parks, streets and markets, private homes, civic and religious structures, and artistic and sport venues.


Infrastructure: projects that advance the technical and systems experimentation, innovation, and coordination critical to long-term social, environmental, and climate health, and to the flourishing of a sustainable, resilient, and just prosperity.
Project types include innovation districts, transit and utility networks, workshop and industrial structures, hospitals and clinics, and research laboratories.
Of course, no project is ever simply one thing or another. Density is essential to an efficient lab, for example, just as culture drives a neighborhood, and smart infrastructure serves a home. We provide the greatest value, to our clients and others, where the complexities of Density, Culture, and Infrastructure collide, and a collaborative insight into one puzzle unlocks possibilities for the rest.