7 June 2021
Clark Construction team has completed all below-grade structural floors for the 2.1 million square foot Met Park development, and is progressing quickly on the lower levels of both towers. These levels will comprise public retail spaces, along with entrance, service, and shared/amenity spaces for Amazon, in floor plates up to nearly 90,000 square feet. Above level four, the floor plates will begin to taper in size, as appropriate for efficient office use, and in accordance with the long-established site master plan.


4 June 2021
"The Integrative Vascular Physiology Laboratory at The University of Texas at Arlington recently received grant funding from the National Institutes of Health to conduct research into the neural and vascular mechanisms of elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk in African American women." Research lead Matthew Brothers, associate professor of kinesiology and associate chair for the exercise science graduate programs in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, said “We are specifically focusing on African American women because the lack of research on this population is alarming.”

Project: UT Arlington Science & Engineering Innovation & Research Building


2 June 2021
Tai Kwun wins Hong Kong Quality Building Award
Run and juried by nine of Hong Kong’s leading professional institutions in the building and facilities industry, the Hong Kong Quality Building Award is a coveted distinction awarded once every two years, in six categories. For 2020-2021, Tai Kwun has won the award for Renovation/Revitalization.
Project: Tai Kwun


14 May 2021
Sustainable DC Progress Update for 2021
DC Department of Energy and the Environment
The DC DOEE has issued its annual report on progress toward the performance goals and metrics established by the initial Sustainabless DC Plan in 2013 and updated in 2019. Following the organization of the Plan itself, the report addresses specific target areas including Climate, Energy, Health, Transportation, Health, Equity, and Waste, summarizing successes in each area but also re-emphasizing the critical work that remains.


20 April 2021
"The room—55,000 square feet of cavernous sprawl—resembled a game of Twister for giants: a grid of 100 colorful dots, each measuring six feet in diameter... the protocols married the politeness of a school field trip with the novelty of an intergalactic mission. The goal was not just to be merely transported. It was akin to re-entry—back into the atmosphere... into a world of performances and strangers and dancing IRL."


16 April 2021
Science Week
University of Texas at Arlington College of Science
"Science Week is a week-long series of special events which celebrates the achievements of College of Science students, faculty and alumni."

Project: UT Arlington Science & Engineering Innovation & Research Building


30 March 2021
"JBG SMITH, the developer, leasing agent and property manager for the Amazon HQ2 project, anticipates that, with Amazon’s arrival, National Landing’s daytime population will increase from 50,000 people to 90,000 in the near future... the new development at 1900 Crystal Drive will have 808 rental apartments and about 40,000 square feet of street-level retail across the two towers."


24 March 2021
The redevelopment and renewal of St. Elizabeth's East continues apace with a new solicitation from DMPED. The District government (DCRA) is proposed as a major/anchor tenant on the main development site, Parcel 7.


2 February 2021
Amazon shared its initial designs for Pen Place, a 10-acre site at the north end of Arlington's National Landing, and the second of two major new construction sites for HQ2. Amazon Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities, John Schoettler, was quoted in Fast Company: “We believe this headquarters should be integrated into the neighborhood, not closed off, not a place for Amazon employees only. We’re really working hard to create an 18-hour district, a place that people will want to come to, not just travel through.”

tai kwun

27 January 2021
Narrated/subtitled video walkthrough of Tai Kwun, visiting public spaces and some points of historical interest across this unique and complex part of Hong Kong.
Project: Tai Kwun


15 January 2021
2021 edition of Hong Kong Buildings Department guidebook for heritage buildings features extended case study on Tai Kwun, summarizing design adaptations for preserving historic and experiential authenticity while addressing key structure, fire & life safety, utility, and accessibility needs.
Project: Tai Kwun


15 January 2021
"The National Landing Business Improvement District in Northern Virginia has outlined plans for creating what it says will be the most 'well-connected downtown in the country,' following its selection as home to Amazon HQ2... The transit projects, many of which are directly related to Amazon’s decision to build its second national headquarters in National Landing, will be developed over the course of the next decade."


8 December 2020
New KIPP DC College Prep Principal Stephanie Young leads a virtual tour of the KCP building and Golden Field for prospective students. She visits, in turn, the main terrace and entry, classrooms, labs, art studios, college counseling, lunchroom, dance studio, auditorium, and gym.


19 November 2020
"Five student artists and two art professors from The University of Texas at Arlington have created a colorful mural in the Science & Engineering Innovation & Research (SEIR) building that captures our unusual moment in history... Leonor Ali, a junior in fine arts with a concentration in painting, said she enjoyed the camaraderie after a long year of isolation. “I hope that months, even years from now, people passing by will look at the mural and it will remind them that although 2020 was filled with many uncertainties, we were still able to unite through art."

Katishi Maake / WBJ

13 November 2020
It's been two years since the HQ2 announcement. My, how it's grown.
Washington Business Journal
Jonathan Capriel of the Washington Business Journal summarizes the progress of Amazon's growth in Arlington, Virginia, since the initial HQ2 announcement in November, 2018.

Sasha  Arutyunova / the New York Times

22 October 2020
Running Live Dance Drills at the Armory
The New York Times
"The Park Avenue Armory is part of a coalition of theaters that are lobbying New York State for special permission to present ticketed performances to reduced capacity, socially distanced audiences. Because of their open spaces and flexible designs, these theaters argue that they can safely return to business now or soon, before standard theaters do... Since August, the Armory has been the site of rehearsals and workshops, as several artists experiment with the building’s most distinct feature, its barrel-roofed Drill Hall. The room is like an airplane hangar, with 40,000 square feet of open space to spread out in and an enormous volume of air circulating above..."


19 October 2020
Tai Kwun featured in The Arup Journal
The Arup Journal
Extensive technical feature on Arup's decade-long involvement with Tai Kwun, Hong Kong's largest ever building revitalization project. The article addresses many aspects of Arup's design work, performed in collaboration with architects Herzog & de Meuron, Rocco, and Purcell, and includes significant detail on structures and geotechnical, facade engineering, lighting, and historic preservation, as well as the history of the site and project.
Project: Tai Kwun

the jersey city summit

11 October 2020
New Aerial Video of Completed Landscape
The Jersey City Summit
New aerial drone video of Brookfield Properties' VYV multifamily project in Jersey City, taken from the west by The Jersey City Summit, and showing all work complete, including the rooftop amenity garden.
Project: VYV


7 October 2020
Summary by Jordan Pascale of a new vision for Richmond Highway / Route 1 in Arlington, developed by the National Landing BID, in collaboration with Toole Design.
"The National Landing Business Improvement District on Tuesday released concepts of what a more walkable, boulevard-like Richmond Highway could look like... All have protected bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and a less highway-like feel.


6 October 2020
In a virtual community meeting, held online because of Covid-19 concerns, Jeff King and John Swagart of Clark Construction present the current status of Amazon's Met Park project, and provide numerous details about the process, timeline, and other points of community interest.


23 September 2020
Jonathan Capriel of the Washington Business Journal summarizes Amazon's decision to purchase the Marriott Residence Inn from the Blackstone Group for $148.5 million, with the intent "to create a 'more robust' and 'cohesive urban plan' with improved pedestrian circulation and more open space." The aging hotel is the sole existing structure on Pen Place, the site intended for the second phase of new construction for Amazon HQ2. 


22 September 2020
Sustainable DC Progress Update for 2020
DC Department of Energy and the Environment
The DC DOEE has issued its annual report on progress toward the performance goals and metrics established by the initial Sustainable DC Plan in 2013 and updated in 2019. Following the organization of the Plan itself, the report addresses specific target areas including Climate, Energy, Health, Transportation, Health, Equity, and Waste, summarizing successes in each area but also re-emphasizing the critical work that remains.

UT Arlington

"Dr. Florence Haseltine... 77, leveraged her personal connections, built on 27 years of working at the national level, to make sure that the center has the supplies necessary for testing... Haseltine now has the opportunity to join other members of the scientific community in studying why SARS-CoV-2 seems to affect men more than women. Haseltine and [NTGC Director Jon] Weidanz have a hunch that certain forms of some HLA genes could offer a protective role against COVID-19 in women... Science can be an incredibly competitive field. So the amount of cooperation by scientists to work together and fight COVID-19 stunned many, including Haseltine. “I’ve had a lot of people help me in my life, but I’ve never seen this level of cooperation,” she said. “Everybody wants to do whatever they can.

the washington post

26 June 2020
"As early as February, the KIPP DC schools were considering what to do should the virus hit hard in the United States... building engineers say the most important practice is to make sure that air turns over frequently, mixing in lots of fresh air, and that it passes through filters that remove viruses... 'Every 10 minutes ... we'd like the air to touch a filter, or get diluted, or start to hit an electronic [virus-killing device],' said Raj Setty, an engineer who is president and principal at Setty and Associates and is advising KIPP DC on the reopening." Detailed article on reopening schools and offices featuring KIPP DC College Prep and quoting design engineer Raj Setty, KIPP DC COO Dane Anderson, healthy-buildings expert Joe Allen (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), and others.

tai kwun

14 May 2020
Aerial and walking tour of the revitalized former Central Police Station compound in Hong Kong, which has become an unusual and thriving mixed-use public space, filled with surprising spaces and engaging artistic and commercial programs.
Project: Tai Kwun


21 February 2020
“We used this opportunity to make some long-planned changes to the Museum’s layout,” said Chase Rynd, Executive Director. “By moving most exhibitions to the second floor and creating a new Visitor Center, we think visitors will have an easier time orienting themselves—and understanding our mission.” [NOTE: planned museum reopening later postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.]
Related: National Building Museum Completes Renovations, Architectural Digest


29 January 2020
"Arlington County and Inc. have entered into agreements with Richmond-based Dominion Energy Inc. to purchase power for local government operations and Amazon’s HQ2 East Coast headquarters from a solar farm more than 200 miles away... this project is part of Amazon’s commitment to The Climate Pledge, an Amazon-cofounded initiative that aims to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals to mitigate climate change 10 years early. The pledge [is] to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040."


27 December 2019
"In May, we filed our first development plans for the first phase of new HQ2 development at Metropolitan Park, which will hold approximately half of our future 25,000 employees. We recently received approval on our site plans from the Arlington County Board, and we expect to begin construction in early 2020... When complete in 2023, Met Park will feature two LEED Platinum buildings, a significant amount of new neighborhood retail, a daycare center, 2.5 acres of new and renovated public open space, over half a mile of new protected bike lanes, and a 700-person meeting center that will be shared with the County and community groups."


22 November 2019
"Today, Flaherty & Collins Properties, Anacostia Development Corporation (AEDC) and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) welcomed the first residents moving into The Residences at St. Elizabeth's East, an apartment community that... will have 202 affordable homes on the historic St. Elizabeth's East Campus." Cunningham Quill Architects of Washington D.C. designed the project, working within the approved campus master plan.


14 October 2019
“The transformation of the former Central Police Station into a world-class centre for heritage and arts has created a vibrant new civic space in the heart of the city’s central business district. The project tackled a complex site with multiple layers of history dating back to the mid-19th century, enhancing its legibility and opening it up to the public. The technical quality of the restoration work is standard-setting on an international level, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the historic fabric... Innovative architectural and engineering solutions are underpinned by meticulous investigation and rigorous conservation principles."
Project: Tai Kwun

SArah mechling

4 October 2019
The Eliot wins 2019 Merit Award
Multifamily Executive
One of only three winners nationwide in the mid-rise category, The Eliot was cited by MFE's invited jury for a broad range of design achievements, including the material palette and the interior/exterior amenity suite. "The community’s rooftop amenities offer panoramic views of the city and include a rooftop tree grove, grilling spaces, breakout dining spaces, and fire pits. The rooftop pool and sundeck are placed specifically to overlook the National Mall and Capitol at the building’s northeast corner. Residents can also access an interior penthouse club room, an indoor lounge and dining spaces, a large private courtyard, and a 1,800-square-foot fitness center."
Project: The Eliot
J. Stoughton / NIST
24 September 2019
"The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil a new laboratory building that substantially enhances NIST’s capabilities for radiation measurements critical to the health care, food processing, national security and other industries." U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin were among the many attendees celebrating... “Every type of health care in the U.S. that depends on radiation relies on the measurements done at the NIST Radiation Physics Building,” said Deputy Secretary of Commerce Karen Dunn Kelley. “Which is why it is so important that this addition is now complete and ready for use."


31 July 2019
"In 2017, NIST broke ground for a much-anticipated modernization of Building 245. The original 1964 building will be updated with more than 7,100 square meters (77,000 square feet) of additional floor space and improved environmental controls and safety features to continue NIST’s innovative work and address national needs... This website provides a historical overview of the Building 245 facilities, people and research that contributed to the U.S. tradition of world-leading scientific research and made possible advances that have improved our society and quality of life."


11 June 2019
The KIPP DC College Prep high school earned 53 points under the LEED v4 system, due in part to its careful handling of natural light and views, thermal energy, and stormwater. LEED Silver was targeted for its appropriate balance of climate performance, local requirements, technological feasibility, and client budget goals (including both first and operating costs).


16 May 2019
In a short online article entitled "From the ground up," Amazon Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities John Schoettler notes the start of formal planning submissions and outlines the vision for Met Park and Amazon HQ2: "We are looking to foster a sense of place for our teams and community residents... to build an urban campus that will allow our employees to think creatively, to be a part of the surrounding community, and to remain connected to the region’s unique culture and environment... to invest in developing a new headquarters in Arlington that will grow alongside its neighbors, supporting local businesses, building new public spaces for all to enjoy, and integrating sustainable design features."


15 May 2019
"The KIPP DC College Preparatory boys’ basketball team, winners of the inaugural DCSAA Class A state championship, were recognized by the District of Columbia City Council for their historic achievement. On hand to meet the team was Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie... MVP of [the] game was Saveon, who finished with 21 points, eight rebounds, five assists, seven steals, and three blocks. 'I saw how much my team wanted to win and told myself at halftime that I’m going to play this game like it’s my last. I knew I had the tools needed to help us win, so I just went out and left everything I had out on the court.' "

usgbc / gbig

30 April 2019
680 Eye Street SW, also known as The Banks, has been certified LEED Gold. The 160,000 sf, 173-unit multifamily residential building achieved 64 out of a maximum of 110 possible points, ranking in the top quarter of all scores under LEED 2009, and in the top 20% of all LEED scores in Washington, D.C. LEED is the most widely-used green building performance rating system in the world, and is managed by the United States Green Building Council.

sustainable dc

23 April 2019
"Since the original Sustainable DC plan was released in early 2013, the District has achieved excellent progress... After five years of implementation, 71 percent of the Sustainable DC plan’s actions are underway and another 27 percent are complete. This update will reset that statistic, but we should be proud of everything that was accomplished in the first five years of
Sustainable DC."


13 November 2018
HQ2 is coming to Arlington, Virginia
Governor Ralph Northam, Commonwealth of Virginia
Governor Ralph Northam announces that Virginia will be home to Amazon's future east coast headquarters, HQ2, and an estimated 25,000 new Amazon jobs, concluding the search process kicked off by Amazon's September, 2017 HQ2 RFP. The win is an enormous success for the economic development teams of Virginia, Alexandria, and Arlington, and for the entire pursuit team, who bested competition from over 200 other jurisdictions in the USA and Canada.


24 October 2018
About Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue Armory
Actors Kenneth Branagh and Bobby Cannavale and artists Nick Cave and Ann Hamilton appear in a brief introduction to the PAA's Thompson Arts Center, which "is dedicated to supporting unconventional works in the visual and performing arts that need non-traditional spaces for their full realization, enabling artists to create, students to experience, and audiences to consume epic and adventurous presentations that cannot be mounted elsewhere in New York City. "


"A new facility will be designed and constructed at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center in Winchester, Mass., under the terms of a $54,345,019.00 contract issued recently by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District... The WEAC facility is a multi-disciplinary, full-service specialty laboratory with capabilities in the areas of medical, device/radiation-emitting products testing, radionuclides research, and microbiology analyses. This facility is the FDA’s only major laboratory installation to provide services in these specialty areas... The project will be managed by the Corps under the supervision of a Corps’ Quality Assurance Representative to assure compliance with contract requirements."

tai kwun

19 April 2018
The Central Police Station (CPS) Revitalisation Project is moving ahead with preparations for the opening of the CPS site, in three phases beginning in mid-2018. The site will be operated as Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts, named after the local colloquial name for the historic compound... with a total of 16 historic buildings and outdoor spaces on the 13,600-square-metre site in the heart of Central, the project is by far the largest heritage conservation and revitalisation project in Hong Kong...
Related: Opening Video
Project: Tai Kwun

UT arlington

1 March 2018
"The University of Texas at Arlington, in partnership with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, is bringing massive genome sequencing capabilities to North Texas through the launch of the North Texas Genome Center... In addition to enhancing healthcare delivery in Texas and the surrounding six-state region, the NTGC will provide important facilities to spur growth in the region’s rapidly expanding biotech sector... investments in new faculty and new federal and state research grants are positioning UTA as a regional leader in developing the platform technologies needed for precision medicine to become a reality... The NTGC will be a research and medical linchpin in UTA’s new 229,000-square-foot Science & Engineering Innovation & Research or SEIR building, a world-class research and teaching facility."


5 December 2017
"A formalized, fully-integrated plan is an important step in the direction of resiliency for D.C., which lies in a region that is particularly vulnerable to extreme heat, precipitation, sea-level rise, and coastal storms," so the Climate Ready DC plan began to take shape in 2014, shortly after and building on the progress of the original Sustainable DC Plan. In 2017, Climate Ready DC won one of ten C40 Cities Awards, given annually to cities around the world that demonstrate exceptional ambition and achievement in climate and resilience planning. Under Climate Ready DC, the award citation noted, "planning with climate action in mind becomes a business as usual practice across departments."


31 August 2017
“It is in the best interest of Washington, DC’s safety, economy, and future to take sustainability and resiliency seriously, and as the nation’s capital, we have a special obligation to lead the way on environmental issues,” said Mayor Bowser. “We are proud to be recognized as the world’s first LEED Platinum city. Our commitment to these issues will not yield, and we look forward to continuing to build a greener, more resilient, and more sustainable DC.”


2 October 2017
"The Elizabeth Board of Education held a dedication ceremony on Wednesday, September 28 at the new Elizabeth High School’s Frank J. Cicarell Academy, named after the late longtime educator... Cicarell, who was the principal of Thomas Jefferson High School and the renowned head coach of the football, swimming, and baseball teams, served the Elizabeth Public Schools and the members of the Elizabeth community for over 55 years... Frank J. Cicarell Academy, located on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza across from Elizabeth City Hall, is a state-of-the-art 183,000 square-foot facility with the capacity to educate 1,280 students in grades nine through twelve."
13 February 2017
Construction "has officially begun for PN Hoffman’s conversion of the Riverside Baptist Church at 680 Eye Street SW into a luxury 173-unit multi-family apartment building with ground-floor retail. The Southwest Waterfront project is located directly across from The Wharf project. Once complete, PN Hoffman’s project will span 10 stories and 236,000 square feet, with a 7,900-square-foot green roof... delivery for the $50 million construction project is slated for late 2018. The contractor for the project is HITT Contracting."


23 June 2016
The John Buck Company (TJBC) of Chicago has sold the historic Union Trust Building to the DC-based National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) for $88.2 million, five years after buying the property from the American Bar Association for $69.2 million. From 2011-2016, TJBC repositioned the building, upgrading the lobby, elevators, restrooms, and other areas, and, in collaboration with Newmark Knight Frank, landed a major non-profit anchor tenant, New America. NCRC, an association of community-based organizations that promote vibrant communities for America’s working families, will relocate to the building. In collaboration with Stream Realty, it will finish the lease-up and create Community, "the District's premier co-working space for non-profits."

c40 cities

3 December 2015
The District of Columbia government has won one of ten global C40 Cities awards for 2015, for a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) "that will supply approximately 30% of the District government’s electricity from a 46 megawatt wind farm. This is the largest wind power purchasing agreement of its kind ever entered into by a U.S. city, and secures a favorable rate that is projected to save District taxpayers $45 million over the next 20 years through lower electricity rates... This work is guided by the DC Department of Energy and Environment's Sustainable DC Plan, which establishes policy for the city to source 50% of its energy from renewable sources -- and cut its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in half -- by 2032."


2 September 2015
"The beautiful, new, state-of-the-art KIPP DC College Preparatory campus opened its doors to our high school students today! The space was designed to be open, full of natural light and materials, and equipped with all of the resources that our students need to prepare for the journey to and through college. A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this project possible. Our students and staff will reap the benefits for years to come at a facility that is truly worthy of their greatness!"


24 February 2015
Artist Douglas Gordon and pianist Hélène Grimaud discuss "tears become... streams become...", in which the Amory's Drill Hall is flooded with 122,000 gallons of water and the music of a large Steinway piano. Also featured are Mahadev Raman of Arup, engineering consultant for the project, and Rebecca Robertson, President of the Park Avenue Armory.
tears become... streams become..., Park Avenue Armory
A Stage, a Pool, a Flood of Ideas, The New York Times
Harmonic Ripples in a Watery World, art review, The New York Times

streets of washington

30 September 2016
Hensel Phelps has won a competitive federal SATOC (single-award-task-order-contract) for the design-build expansion and complete technical renovation of the unique Radiation Physics laboratory complex (Building 245) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) campus in Gaithersburg, MD. The entire 1960s modernist campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and all design and construction work will be subject to applicable standards and oversight, including design review by the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) and the Maryland Historical Trust. The awarded SATOC has a total contract value of up to $470 million, and the initial project task order is for $54.7 million.

peter william

16 January 2015
"D.C.-based think tank New America Foundation has reached a deal to anchor 740 15th St. NW, just one block from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. New America has signed on for a little more than 50,000 square feet ... with the John Buck Co., which is wrapping up a multimillion-dollar renovation after acquiring the building from the ABA in 2011... Newmark Grubb Knight Frank broker Brendan Owen said New America's decision to move in validates John Buck's decision to launch the renovation. New America was represented by MGA President Michael Goldman."


9 July 2014
The final beam was put in place today on the city's new high school, a 183,000-square-foot building that [includes] 35 general classrooms, 10 science labs, a main gymnasium and an auxiliary one, a cafeteria, an auditorium with a design and woodworking area, music practice rooms, a media center and a greenhouse... Fourteen high schoolers signed their name on the steel beam before it was hoisted, as part of a topping-off ceremony held in front of the construction site... [former Elizabeth School Board President Rafael] Fajardo told the students that the state-of-the-art facilities would help them achieve. 'You are as smart and as brilliant as anybody in the state of New Jersey.'"

jonathan clabburn & tapio snellman

29 September 2013
"Herzog & de Meuron's Park Avenue Armory," directed by Jonathan Clabburn and Tapio Snellman, and developed in collaboration with the architects Herzog & de Meuron and with the Armory, has won the prize for BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM - EXPERIMENTAL at the 2013 Arquiteturas Film Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. The film explores the space, sounds, and activities of the Armory building, and the architects' ongoing work there.

MARK ledzian / paa

26 September 2013
Short film documenting the conceptual purpose and craft process of restoring the Board of Officers room, designed and built in the 1880s by the distinguished firm of Herter Brothers. The film features interviews with members of the craft, design, owner, and donor teams, including Ascan Mergenthaler, Senior Partner for Herzog & de Meuron, who notes that "It’s a thin line, somehow: … on the one hand, you have to renovate and restore the building, and really preserve it… include all the new infrastructure and… make it stable for the next 50… 100 years. At the same time, you want to keep the atmosphere, the character, the patina, the roughness… How do you do that? Because, typically, it’s contradicting."
Related: Ornate Peek at a Refreshed Gilded Age, The New York Times


19 February 2013
"D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray is vowing to make the District the nation's 'healthiest, greenest and most livable" city within 20 years and is launching dozens of initiatives to curb energy use, reduce traffic and boost access to fresh fruits and vegetables... in all, Gray has identified more than 100 policies either he or a future mayor should pursue to reduce greenhous-gas emissions and energy use by 50 percent by 2032. The plans also identify strategies for housing an additional 250,000 residents by 2032."


29 November 2012
"Visual artist Ann Hamilton combines the ephemeral presence of time with the material tactility for which she is best known to create a new large-scale installation for the Park Avenue Armory's 55,000 square-foot drill hall. Commissioned by the Armory, 'the event of a thread' references the building's architecture, as well as the individual encounters and congregational gatherings that have animated its rich social history."


5 June 2012
The District of Columbia has released the Master Plan and Design Guidelines for St. Elizabeth's East, a 180-acre historic campus in the 8th Ward that "offers the capacity to support approximately five million square feet of mixed-use development [and] presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform a historic landmark into a vibrant neighborhood center [for] the District’s emerging innovation economy."
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